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From the way the eight residential towers are arranged, up to the lining up of trees and how grasses and plants are well-maintained, you’ll stand in awe with the North Grove’s beauty and orderliness.

The beauty of the 8 modern Asian condominiums is way too relaxing and timeless. From a gated, fully landscaped entrance to the inner streets, everything is a picture of elegance and exclusivity. The guard house that maintains the influx of people here is being manned by well-trained security personnel 24/7, making sure that peace is well-maintained within the community.

The swimming pool was provided for casual relaxation and perhaps, socialization. This is a nice venue to unwind while gaining more friends. The Clubhouse was also provided for family affairs like birthdays, anniversaries and the likes. This is also intended for the community’s use so other than putting in a private affair here, a larger crowd can also be accommodated. You can throw in a party here without worrying about the safety of everyone at night. This can also be a nice socialization place for immediate neighbors to know each other. Apart from the bigger club house, there is also multi-purpose & function hall within. All these can be conveniently used for important gatherings. The entire place equally boasts of its well-maintained, fully landscaped gardens. It adds to the coolness of the place and its function as earth’s surface cover work well with this enclosed community because it provides good relief by reverting the heat from the sun back to the atmosphere. This is one good reason why the entire place has a much colder temperature compared to outside. The trees lining up alongside path walks and drive ways are of equal importance. These trees are natural air filters and they are the reason for the abundance of clean, cool air. In here, you can freely enjoy your morning rituals by brisk walking, jogging or biking around safely.

Children’s weekends are also very important to be well-spent. Fully landscaped gardens and the children’s playground are nice socialization start-ups for kids. With these in-house provisions, children are safe and parents are spared from the usual weekend travels. In this part of the community, children can learn social awareness by simply mingling on their own with other kids. But you can be just as calm and as peaceful as you can because the playground is within the safe enclosure of the North Grove. No intruders can possibly harm your kids while they are hanging out there making friends with others. Our nature themed park, which is a really and clean place is worthy for a weekend family bonding - where kids and parents alike can bond together. Families can freely hang out here on weekends to bond. It is very important for us to see families and the entire North Grove community rising above their individual uniqueness. Our parks and the children’s park have greater roles for that.

And to help improve the cleanliness of the entire community, there is a designated garbage area where collection can be centralized and easier done. As a community where everything is well organized, other things such as garbage disposal, water supply and others are well-taken cared-off by the management.

  • Clubhouse with Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Swimming Pool
  • Parks and Playground
  • Entrance Gate with Guard House
  • Landscaped Area
  • Paved Pathwalks/Walkways
  • Centralized Garbage Area
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